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Karen Yen

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

With over 20+ years of experience in graphic design that spans two continents, this website features a selection of my work from recent years.


From brand development, print design to designing only a logo or just illustrations to help clarify thoughts, the work shows ideas and knowledges carefully crafted into their own visual language. These visual languages are here to engage and to provide unique experiences true to the character and essence of the projects.

Focusing on small to mid-size projects, each project is collaborative and dialogical in nature. This is to ensure that the quality of the creative process is inspiring and reciprocal for all participants, resulting in what can only be a fulfilling and meaningful end product. Furthermore, this approach is conducive to the building of solid relationships that are sustainable over time. 

As added features, I bring with me the ability to speak several languages, a cosmopolitan perspective, an excellent work ethic and the experience of working remote as a mode of being. I am also a practising artist whose medium of expression is drawing and painting. 


I am always looking for new challenges where my artistic and creative abilities can contribute and thrive, in a space where collaboration and camaraderie can elevate the quality of work we do together.




"Working with Karen has been a pleasure. I was impressed by her artistic creativity and diligence throughout the entire process. Also important: her ability to understand the client’s needs. She is a real professional in her field.

Jean-Jacques Degroof  | Author & entrepreneur

“I have had the pleasure of working with Karen on a number of projects over the past four years. She is so incredibly talented, easy to work with, and has always managed to exceed our expectations. No matter what your design project is,
you are in good hands with Karen!”

Stephanie Gruhlke | Program Manager
Borders in Globalization & Jean Monnet Network

Centre for Global Studies | University of Victoria

Karen Yen is without a doubt an artist and designer whose approach to her work is an inspiration. With her design, she brings to life her clients ideas in a unique manner. With her art, she is able to capture important social issues in a way that makes them accessible to diverse publics. 
Pablo Ouziel  | Research Associate, GRSP at UQAM

To view my paintings and drawings, kindly visit

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